Golden Drops Turmeric Paste

Inspired by Ayurvedic recipes and made in Portland, Oregon.

Golden Drops makes Turmeric Pastes that are easy to use, maximize absorption, and best of all–they are delicious! There are 45 servings in a 9oz jar, which makes it a great pantry item for our customers to use daily. We currently offer three different blends. 
Original Blend –Our first creation. It is a blend of spices cooked in coconut oil and sweetened with local honey (Check out Artie's Harvest here). Perfect for Golden Milk, Lattes, Teas, Oatmeal, and smoothies!
Agave Nectar –Our second blend. We took everything we loved about the Original Blend and swapped out the Honey for organic Agave Nectar. This blend can be used exactly like the Original Blend but it is ideal for people with dietary restrictions, medical conditions, or anyone that prefers a slightly sweeter paste!
Cardamom & Honey –Our third blend. It has all the same ingredients as the Original Blend, with the addition of sweet and zesty Cardamom. Perfect for our customers that want an extra kick!


Golden Drops is committed to only using high-quality certified organic ingredients. We are proud to work with local wholesalers to get all of our ingredients. 


What makes our Turmeric Paste unique is how we prepare it. Unlike other recipes, our turmeric paste is cooked, which eliminates bitterness and yields a well-balanced, earthy, semi-sweet flavor. The heating process also increases the bioavailability of the powerful anti-inflammatory Curcumin compound.


We want to make being healthy easy! We believe the best way to incorporate turmeric into your daily diet is to add it to something you're already eating or drinking. Our paste can be measured out and quickly and easily added to your morning coffee, tea, or oatmeal!