Our Story

Inspired by Ayurvedic medicine and made in Portland, OR. Golden Drops Turmeric Paste started as an exploration of how anti-inflammatory foods can improve both physical and mental health. Maja started using Turmeric to help with a number of health issues she was dealing with back in 2018. From thyroid and digestive support to managing anxiety and depression (read more about the Gut-Brain connection here) she found that adding anti-inflammatory foods to her diet greatly improved her symptoms. The effects were most noticeable when she ate turmeric consistently and over a long period of time. This led her to make big batches of turmeric paste that could sit in the fridge and be easily used daily. She would put a spoonful in her morning coffee or evening cup of tea and it soon became a key part of her daily wellness ritual. The taste and flavor of the paste was equally important. She found that taking the time to mix up a healing and delicious drink, and then sit, sip and enjoy it was such a treat that she couldn't stop making the paste. Maja and Travis hope to share their love of turmeric with you and become a part of your happy and healthy wellness rituals. 

A note from Golden Drops: while our experience with Turmeric comes from a health food perspective, we would like to acknowledge the cultural importance of Turmeric in Indian cuisine, culture, and ceremonies. While Haldi Doodh (known in the west as 'Golden Milk') has only recently become popular in the western health world, it is important to note that it has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine for its healing properties.